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Playing Singing WellnessAre you in the suitable blog! The blog that meets your interests. 

You are here because you want to read news about topics such as:

singing, with particular attention to the choir; 

play the piano or keyboard instruments; 

teaching and music education, rhythm, breathing, singing, music;

and all that you are interested in the well being of your person, to feel good in your body, with your emotions.

Here you can get advice, lessons, tips about music, piano, keyboard, singing in the choir.

Visit the website of the Master Sfredda, which contains all the information about his activities and miscellaneous studies.    

Also visit the YouTube channel of the Master Sfredda, where you can find music videos, lectures, historical and recent performances of various artists. 

Nicola Sfredda 

 Finally, you can contact the Master Sfredda by sending an e-mail. 

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