lunedì 30 luglio 2012

Music teaching and education

At the conclusion of the course of  Elements of Music Teaching and Education, I taught this academic year 2011-12 for students of Level II (Biennium) of the Conservatory of Music in Mantua, I would like to make some brief conclusions.

My teaching approach, consistent with some of the most historically important of those principles set out, provided a continuous dialectical and critical involvement of the students present. It has therefore created a climate of cultural good and effective.

A school is, in my opinion, a continuous process, in which any presence, any contribution enriches and broadens the perspective, and none can be said to have arrived at the conclusion of a path, each path of culture and research is always transitory and changeable, and its therein lies the beauty and power of culture and perspective of higher education.

It 's necessary to maintain a constant focus on teaching and its educational foundations. For this I am very passionate about the creation of this course.

After three introductory lectures on the history and issues of general education, followed by four lessons of history teaching and music education, classes 8 and 9 (true "center" of course) were devoted to the theme: "The Music Academies
in Italy between new and old systems".
The course was finally completed with the last six lessons, dedicated to problems and methods of musical education in v
arious fields (preliminary, theory, practice, instrumental and vocal). Students were able to download progressively from a page of my website educational materials (over five hundred pages), consisting of my introductions and attachments taken from the works of various authors.