venerdì 1 aprile 2022

Ennio, a documentary film by Tornatore to remember Morricone

 "We have to go on, looking for what? We don't know."

Morricone e Tornatore

With this emblematic sentence, which summarizes the meaning of composing starting from a blank page, and becomes a metaphor of existence itself, with this sentence pronounced with a soft voice by the composer, Giuseppe Tornatore's homage to Ennio Morricone ends, a documentary film entitled "Ennio".
A great, intense overview of the musician's work, from his studies with Goffredo Petrassi to the meeting with the major film directors of our time, after a young period as a non-trivial arranger of pop songs. An extraordinary career that the composer himself evokes with his composed kindness: the curious personality of a shy man who has conquered the world with the strength of his talent.
A life also crossed by the contradictions and sufferings of two musical worlds that seemed unable to meet, between the perplexities of maestro Petrassi and his fellow students (for example Boris Porena) and his own intentions to leave the cinema, continually diverted by always new ones successes.
In the end it becomes clear that Morricone has won a battle: an artist who is also a pop artist, but who has not forgotten Frescobaldi, Bach, Stravinskij.
We are thrilled to see him and feel him moved, when he remembers him in his nineties, his old teacher, and when he dedicates the Oscar for his career to his wife.
Meek and courageous, like his gesture as an orchestra conductor. It was also nice to hear the testimony of a great director like Pappano.
A film to see, therefore, for those who love music and great cinema.