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The figure of the teacher in the view of Quintilian

Marcus Fabius Quintilian, from Institutio Oratoria

First of all, the teacher takes to his students the disposition of a father and thinks he will succeed the place of those who entrust their children. He himself has no vices and will not bear. Its severity is not oppressive and does not exaggerate in giving confidence , not to raise one hand I hate, despise the other.  

He talks a great deal of honesty and good: in fact, the more often admonish, punish much more rarely; he is absolutely short-tempered and does not omit the corrections that you he has to do, teaching is simple, resistant to fatigue, methodical rather than flimsy. Responds willingly to those who asks questions, questions of its own people who do not arise.  

In praising the exposure of students is neither park nor excessive, because the first attitude creates discomfort in them for the effort, the second makes them lay in quietness. In correcting the mistakes is not harsh and is not absolutely insulting: just this, in fact, many away from the purpose of study, namely the fact that some teachers complain as if they hated.  

He himself says something every day, even many things, that listeners can ponder to himself. Although in fact derive from reading enough examples for the imitation, however, supplies the voice more fully alive, and especially that of a teacher to his disciples, provided they have been properly trained, love and respect. Barely on the other hand one could say how willingly we imitate those to whom we are well prepared .

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