domenica 12 febbraio 2012

Let childhood ripen in children (Rousseau, Emile)

Do the opposite of what is customary and almost always do well. Since their purpose is not to make a child a child, but a doctor, never seems too soon to fathers and teachers scold, correct, criticize, cajole, threaten, promise, educate, persuade.

Make it better: be reasonable not ever thinking with your student, especially to make him agree that he is sorry; always pull at stake right about unpleasant things has the effect of harassing and discrediting what could make earlier and in intellect that does not is still able to understand.

He practiced in the body, organs, senses, but keep in idleness forces his soul for as long as possible. Beware of all the feelings prior to the judgment that is able to evaluate them. Hold, stop the alien and impressions, to prevent that evil can be born, do not rush to want to do good, that can never be such if it is illuminated by reason.

Consider any extension as an advantage: it is a substantial gain to get close to your destination without losing anything, let childhood ripen in children. And when they really need to be educated, refrain from giving today's lesson that you think you can give without delay tomorrow.

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