giovedì 5 gennaio 2012

The Foundations of music education aimed at the well-being

The rhythmics is a discipline that comes from observation and practical experience of the functionality of our body.

The vocality is one of the main features of these, which we possess in nature and we just need to find out how the latent potential of our body.

These simple principles, applied to a keyboard instrument (the classical piano, or an electronic keyboard), can be easily achieved with positions and movements that give benefits, relaxing and musically effective.

These concepts are developed in e-book The Foundations of music education aimed at the well-being. Playing Singing Wellness. Theory and practice. This text not only deepen the content of the theory that underlies my method of teaching, but I present the procedures that apply to the three disciplines in practice interacting, the bodily rhythmics, the vocality, the instrumental application to keyboard instruments.

Here are some of the topics covered in the e-book:
Music: a great need, a great resource that we can discover with an effective method
Let me tell you my experience with a "musical diary pedagogical"
The interaction between play and sing
The bodily rhythmics: technique and exercises
The vocality: technique and exercises
Method for choir
The application to the keyboard instrument: Piano Method

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