giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Playing the piano and singing into adulthood

Music in all stages of life

In many years of work I have experienced that you can learn to play the piano and sing in all stages of life, without effort, but rather to the great amusement and especially great wellness for your body and the whole person.

So, you can begin in adulthood! Many people are now convinced of what I'm saying, but unfortunately this way of teaching is not yet widespread. 

I happened recently to post on a international social network, widely used in the world, a very simple question: "It 's possible to start learning piano as an adult?".

I received a flood of responses! I sparked a major debate.

And, amazingly, I noticed that most of the answers in the affirmative: yes, you can learn to play the piano and sing into adulthood.

Play the piano and sing: courage, you can!   

Enough so with fear! Enough with the awe of the music! No more frustration!

Free your body, your emotions, your inner experience!

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