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42 progressive exercises to piano technique

Piano keyboard

Over thirty years of experience in teaching piano

The 42 exercises of piano technique have been designed by me about thirty years ago. After obtaining my diploma in piano at the Conservatory of Milan in 1980, I started to practice the activity of pianist and at the same time I devoted to teaching.

Very soon I developed my concept of teaching, which has produced, among other things, a careful reflection on the mechanisms of execution at the piano, including through a careful reading of the most important texts written on the subject in the history of the teaching of the instrument.


Liberating education for the wellbeing of the person

The aspect that I immediately considered fundamental in the study of the instrument, is the conjunction of targets for the education liberating the body, emotion, intellect and spirituality in a holistic vision that involves the coordinated sharing of all human faculties and therefore excludes the separation of the individual elements.

In these exercises we face mainly the aspect of correct movements and positions useful to an instrumental mechanism that takes into account this fundamental requirement of well-being of the instrumentalist.

Grand pianoLearning to play the piano in 42 exercises


The text aims to summarize all the main aspects of the piano mechanism, dividing them into 42 exercises. The material is divided into 10 sections, which deal with the various difficulties a sequential order.

Each card includes information on Mode of study, the various Formulas of the exercise, the description of the Movements to be performed and Development for the exercise, that is, all variants of the interplay of the keys and their fingerings.

The videos that accompany each lesson exemplify the execution of each exercise. Performed personally by the author, is to provide an immediate view of the correct understanding of movements and positions.

The subdivision of exercises following a specific criterion of progression of difficulty, which becomes clear in the text, so it is advisable to follow the order proposed.

The text is available on the website at this link. In Italian and in English

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