Music and personal wellbeing

Here's how you can learn to play the piano and sing with great physical and emotional wellbeing, even if you're an adult, rediscovering the potential of your body and your voice


If you are an adult and you've always wanted to learn to play and sing,if perhaps you've had bad experiences and frustrating in the past,

if perhaps you've had bad experiences and frustrating in the past,

if you're trying to give comfort to your body, find your hidden voice, release your emotions,

then this is the method of learning music that suits you! 


Finally solved your problem! 



Have you always wanted to learn to make music actively.

Do not settle for just listening. Do you want to play and sing.

But until now it has not been possible.

 Maybe you have not had time.

Perhaps instead you tried and the experience was disappointing. You have had to deal with a method of study challenging and pedantic, which forced you to a commitment unrewarding, tedious, repetitive.

Have you experienced a teaching that is rigid and outdated, although still widespread and prevalent in the world of teaching music.
Do not be discouraged: it happened to many people. Me too. Even I was a student, before becoming a teacher! And I remember all my teachers (not only in music, of course). Of everyone I remember the strengths and weaknesses of the features.But mostly I remember teaching methods. And gradually, gaining my experiences of student, I knew what was good and what was bad for me, for my body, for the expression of my artistic nature.Then he became a teacher and, observing and listening to my students, I deepened my knowledge of these mechanisms of learning. After all, teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin!I realized that studying music can not be a chore, it can be an effort, can not do harm to the body and the spirit! (Otherwise it would be a contradiction in terms, is not it? Feel bad for doing something that you have chosen to do to make our lives better: an absurdity!)

So, I have experienced in many years of work:YES, YOU CAN! 
You can learn to play and sing effortlessly, without difficulty, but rather WITH FUN and above all WITH BIG WELLNESS FOR BODY AND FOR LIFE.

And especially, It can begin in adulthood!
Many people are now convinced of what I'm saying, but unfortunately this way of teaching is not yet very widespread.

I happened recently to post on a international social network, very widespread in the world, a very simple question: "It's possible start learning piano as an adult?". 

I received an avalanche of responses! I have sparked a huge debate.
And, incredibly, I noticed that most of the answers were in the affirmative: YES, YOU CAN LEARN TO PLAY AND SING INTO ADULTHOOD. 

I shall quote a few answers:

Enia from Sao Paulo of Brazil writes: Concordo plenamente com Nicola. A Música é fundamental no ensino em qualquer estágio de formação escolar, Pre ou pós-escolar, é para toda a vida...não termina nunca.!!!!  (I fully agree with Nicholas. Music is important at any stage of education, pre- or post-school education: it is for life ... never ends!)

Corrado, from Ticino, writes: I fully agree with Nicholas, the rhythmic is applied first because it helps to know our body and our emotions to be transmitted but also receive.

Jenny, from Nottingham, writes: Of course it is ... I have students over 60 

Donna, from Boston, writes: Yes, yes, YES! Of course it's possible. The amount of progress you make will depend on your dedication and commitment, the quality of teaching, the level of communication and trust between you and your teacher, and your  coordination, intelligence and musical qualities. All these parameters will change from time to time. Music is a wonderful gift. Good luck to you. Patience and discipline will help too!!

And then there are my famous video published in various sites on the Internet.
They are videos in which I play, I explain, teach.
With satisfaction I can tell you that I have received many, many comments, all positive.
 Thee for it report some:

Christian from Italy writes: Dear Master, you have absolutely right ... we need a new teaching as what you propose ...

Linda from Spain writes: Muchas gracias por este ejemplo. Espero vengan màs ejemplos en el futuro (Many thanks for this example. I hope there are many more in the future)

Renata from Turin writes: Bravissimo! Teaching is an art, sometimes playing is not enough! The Master, has also been able to put into words the fundamental concepts of play, what, in my opinion, much more difficult !!!

Saverio from Torre del Greco writes: THANKS FOR THE HEART Maestro Sfredda that has provided us all this BEAUTIFUL COURSE !! Maestro CONGRATULATIONS AND CONTINUOUS PROGRESS IN HIS BEAUTIFUL COURSE. THANK YOU. 
Marie from
Czech Republic writes: Beautiful version! I will play it soon and I hope I will be as good as you. (I just hope :D)

From Germany
I receive this comment:: KORREPETITOR PLAYED IT SO GREAT! like Busoni real transcripted with the hint "Con semplicita devota" and "Si usi del pedale con molta riservatezza" ...just Barock-style! MOLTO BENE!!!

From England: Wonderful! And yet from Germany: Sehr gut gespielt! (Played very well!)
Just then, the fear! Enough with the awe of the music! No more frustrations!

Free your body, your emotions, your inner experience!

I propose you to follow the program "Playing Singing Wellness", a method of study personalized, innovative, unique, that can lead you step by step towards the realization of your dream of music:


  • You can study music at last into adulthood, even if you are a beginner

  • You can live an active experience in music, to dream and to feel good

  • You can learn the rhythmic through simple and natural movements of your body: the rhythm is in your body!

  • You can discover the potential of your voice, your inner voice, the wonderful mechanism of your body, comes out through your breath and projecting outward

  • And finally you can also apply these movements, this inner breath, this naturalness also to a keyboard instrument: the classic piano or a modern electronic keyboard

  • You can choose your favorite repertoire: classical music, but also the song writing or any other musical genre

  • All this you can accomplish from the comfort of your home, without wasting time and effort to reach a school or a private studio, saving cost and energy, then! 


What is this program?
He says well its name:
Playing Singing Wellness.

It is a cycle of lessons that can be sent directly to your computer with a regular course that will allow you to carry out the program with the times and dates that you want freely to give.Each lesson includes text files and images (pdf), examples to listen to MP3 and, above all, the now famous video: so you can follow step by step every next degree of your learning, observing and listening to my directions, looking at many times on video positions and movements for your musical performance and for your well-being. 

But how much is this program? Consider the cost of a traditional lesson: if a lesson is qualified and of great educational value, as is the one that I offer, would cost 30 to 50 Euros, would also inconvenience the shift from your home to the headquarters of the lessons. So, considering an average of 7-8 lessons per month, you would have a cost that would be around between 210 and 400 Euros per month!  

Did you understand? Between 210 and 400 Euros per month. 

Instead this program, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, is offered at this time (and only for a little while longer) to extraordinarily promotional price of 97 euro per month. A huge saving, a discount of 70% and more, which of course will not always be possible to find it later, because we know that the value of the program is much higher!But certainly, if you grasp this opportunity, you will have access to this opportunity truly unique and extraordinary.

Obviously you remain in full freedom to terminate this program, if you did not have the desire to continue.But I tell you something: You can also enjoy a guarantee, that you will give up without losses to your choice, as required by international law! You have nothing to lose and, in fact, we are so confident of the effectiveness of this program who willingly take any risk on our shoulders.

take part in the program "Playing Singing Wellness" with zero risk; occur you calmly its validity. No questions, no resentment on our part! Only the certainty of not abusing your time and your willingness to learn.

Yes, I want to try this program!

I want to experience the effectiveness of a liberating and beneficial method to satisfy my need for music
The maxi-discount of 70% and more
is only available only for a few days

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